The Story

Deep in the center of the earth, hidden far away from human society, exists a place where the Ringtailon cyborgs reside. These cyborgs are also shapeshifters and have helped humanity throughout its entire existence. The Ringtalions preferred to take the form of animals as they were able to move around on earth without anyone paying attention to them. On the outside they can take any form they want to, however on the inside they are mechanical cyborgs. They can teleport across the universe and that is how they ended up at the core of the earth. 

Thousands of years ago their planet Conspiracon was at war with violent Sakaalis from planet Tribexis and they teleported themselves to the center of the earth because the layers of the earth would protect them from being discovered by the Sakaali from Tribexis.

The Ringtailons from Conspiracon had been taking on the lemur shapes and as the years passed learned to communicate in a language of their own called Makivion. Just speaking a new language was not enough for these highly intelligent beings they were craving adventure. As they were walking through the jungles of middle earth, they discovered ruins of a civilization that once inhabited their territory. Among the ruins, they found a cave with treasures, amongst these precious valuables forgotten BMX bikes in good condition. Because of their lemurs’ shape, with their agile and nimble bodies they quickly mastered the art of BMX racing.

Their passion for BMX racing quickly became a way of life for the lemurs. They created a network of racetracks and obstacle courses throughout the jungle. Each lemur had their own customized BMX bike that reflected their individual personalities. One of the most talented BMX racers among them is Lila, a quick witted and fearless lemur who has a talent for playing around with bike designs. Her innovative modifications to the BMX bikes brought them even closer to human-like performance.
One day Lila was racing off track through the jungle and saw something glowing in the far distance, it was a tree, a very old tree and it was glowing as if made of gold, her curiosity got the best of her. As she got closer, she could not resist the urge to not touch the tree. As she poked the glowing bark, she felt this burst of energy flowing through her body, she felt different, but could not explain how. Afraid that she would get into trouble she decided to keep this a secret for now. Lila decided to go back on the racetrack to catch up with the rest when she noticed something moving in the far distance. It did not look like one of the lemurs and it definitely was not moving on a BMX bike, but it disappeared. Lila drove closer to check it out but did not see anything anymore. She figured maybe it was her mind playing tricks after she touched the glowing tree and she hopped back on her bike and caught up to the rest of the Lemur Conspiracy on the race track.

Mastering the art of racing was not just for fun only, they had to be prepared in case the Sakaalis would discover them and attack them or in case they would go after human civilization. Being able to move around on their bikes would give them a lot of advantages in dense areas like jungles, or inner cities. The Ringtalions at some point would have to move onto the next phase of their plan and find a way to get accepted and co-exist with humans to be able to protect them from the Sakaalis but also work alongside them. They all knew this would not be an easy task but a necessary one as the arrival of Sakaalis was a matter of when not if.

Adventure Trail: Road Map

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