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Mud Maverick's Unleashed: The Story

Deep in the center of the earth, hidden far away from human society, exists a place where the Ringtailon cyborgs reside. These cyborgs are also shapeshifters and have helped humanity throughout its entire existence. The Ringtalions preferred to take the form of animals as they were able to move around on earth without anyone paying attention to them. On the outside they can take any form they want to, however on the inside they are mechanical cyborgs. They can teleport across the universe and that is how they ended up at the core of the earth. 

Thousands of years ago their planet Conspiracon was at war with violent Sakaalis from planet Tribexis and they teleported themselves to the center of the earth because the layers of the earth would protect them from being discovered by the Sakaali from Tribexis.

The Muddy Perks: Utilities



* 50% of the royalties from all secondary sales of the 3000 Lemur Conspiracy NFT Gen 1 collection will be distributed to OG holders every end of the month. If you sell your OG NFT before the end of the month date you will not qualify for royalty sharing.
** 3% Shared Profit sharing among OG holders when the 3000 Lemur Conspiracy NFT Gen 1 sells out.  To be eligible for the profit sharing you must be holding an OG NFT by the last MINT DAY of the 3000 Lemur Conspiracy NFT Drop. Anyone purchasing an OG after Mint Day Snapshot will not qualify for the shared profit sharing, no exceptions.
*** The BMX, BTC, CRO and MATIC giveaway are depending on a sold out collection! Everyone has a chance on winning these prizes, after sold out winners will be picked by an automated system.


Pioneering Minds: Meet The Team




Social Media Marketing


Discord Security / 3D Tech


3D Designer


UI/UX Designer Marketing


Community Manager


Cyber Squad


Cyber Squad

The Muddy Insights: FAQs

We will not enforce any rules regarding the trading of your investment. However if you trade or resell your OG NFT you will forfeit your royalties share as it will be passed on to the new owner.

We will have a section for verified holders where we will provide the information on request.

Adventure Trail: Road Map

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